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French Farmhouse

Care of Furniture Instructions

Caring for your antique furniture and French Farmhouse Tables is part of the joy of owning beautiful furniture.  Each piece of our antique furniture and French Farmhouse furniture is individually hand crafted and each piece of furniture is unique.  Any irregularities, being part of the character of the timber and deliberate.

Modern heating and cooling methods often produce an excessively warm and dry or cool and dry atmosphere in the timber. This may cause movement. We therefore strongly recommend that the following precautions be taken: a well regulated room temperature, the furniture should not be exposed to direct heating or cooling sources, it should be kept away from direct sunlight.

The table top has a natural shellac finish to which a hardener has been added to the timber, which takes 6 weeks to cure completely. Beeswax polish has been buffed over the top. During the first 6 weeks of owning your antique or French Farmhouse furniture, do not place warm or hot plates, cups etc directly on to it or leave alcohol or water on the surface. We recommend using placemats and coasters. After the curing period the surface will be quite tolerant to water, however we suggest you care for the table as you would any fine piece of furniture. To retain the look and feel of the surface, polish with a traditional solid wax polish and shine with soft cotton cloth as often as you feel necessary. Spray polishes with a silicon base eg Mr Sheen are not recommended. ‘Sally Beresford’ can not accept responsibility for any claim for damage to the furniture caused by not following our ‘Care of Furniture instructions’.